Our Services

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Wellness and Risk Management

NetPlus Clinicians Wellness Center help patients improve their health. We provide programs that promote wellness, health promotion and prevention of disease. We assess your health risks for heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, GI issues, thyroid issues, and metabolic syndrome which is a cluster of conditions that increases your risks for cardiovascular disease, stroke and type 2 diabetes. 

Our providers will work with you to determine the best heart healthy nutrition for your disease condition.

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Lifestyle Modification 


NetPlus Clinicians Wellness Center work with patients to help them adapt and sustain healthy behaviors and prevent chronic diseases.

We provide the following assessment and management that help patients reduce their risks and improve their disease conditions: 


  • Activity Assessment (physical activity and fitness)

  •  Nutritional Counseling (Healthy food choices and dietary habits)

  • Sleep Health (healthy quality and sleep behaviors)

  • Smoke Cessation (comprehensive nicotine dependency management approach)

  • Stress Management (identify and manage stress trigers)

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Diagnostic Testing Services 

NetPlus Clinicians Wellness Center provides diagnostic test based health assessments can be used by healthcare providers to identify potential risks for chronic conditions such as high Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, type 2 Diabetes, Heart Disease, Stroke, Sleep Apnea, Lung Cancer, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), Congestive Heart Failure and Nutritional Deficiencies. 

Our tests aim in diagnosis or detection of diseases including measurement of disease progress or recovery from a disease. 


Our tests also help in confirming if a patient is free from certain diseases and in addition help patients make better health decisions. 

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Medical Care and Medically Supervised Weight Lost Management  

NetPlus Clinicians Wellness Center partners with Bluff Medical Group providers to provide medical and behavioral care to our patients. Our doctors and nurses are devoted to providing comprehensive healthcare for adult patients.

Our health coaches work to ensure patient comply with their medical and chronic illnesses treatment plan through providing education on chronic illnesses, recovery treatment, self management and goal setting. 

In addition, we offer medically supervised weight lost management programs for qualified patients. We provide in home consultation to determine if you will be a good fit for the programs. Call us today!