Today, healthcare is about disease treatment rather than disease prevention and health promotion. Healthcare focus should be on health prevention and wellness promotion. The reason being that many chronic diseases or mental health issues can be prevented or reversed if patients adhere to lifestyle modifications and recommended nutrition.


Preventive medicine is needed now more than ever to help patients live healthy lifestyles. Our goal is to prevent the occurrence of disease, halt the disease process or prevent the complications of diseases before they start.

NetPlus Clinicians Wellness Center focuses on providing individualized health plan forour patients. We work with patients who have hypertension, high cholesterol, sleep apnea, diabetes type 2, cardiac issues, heart failure, kidney disease, Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease (COPD), thyroid problem, nutritional deficiences, Vitamin D deficency, or are smokers and who could benefit from health prevention, health promotion and and lifetstyle modifications. We provide them with services such as screening, health counseling, and immunization.  

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About Us

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Our mission at NetPlus Clinicians Wellness Center is to empower patients to achieve their optimal health through wellness and natural healing, while educating them on lifestyle modifications.




Our vision is to be a part of the change towards a healthier future. Healthcare is changing from disease treatment to health prevention and promotion, and NetPlus Clinicians Wellness Center integrative care focuses on wellness promotion.



  • Develop patient-clinician relationship with our patients

  • Design an individualized health plan for our patients

  • Help patients take personal responsibility of their health

  • Empower our patients reach their healing potentials and live their best healthy life

  • Educate our patients to adhere to their disease management plans while helping them navigate their multi-disciplinary team

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